ABAP – what happened?

June 11, 2008

ABAP is an abbreaviation of the German word Allgemeiner Berichtsaufbereitungsprozessor if you run the phrase through babelfish and it translates to “General report preparation processor”. For a long time ABAP was seen as that a report writing language, to the uninitiated it was viewed as a lesser easy to learn language and the programmers who used it were looked down on as coders and not developers. ABAP has gone through many iterations, the biggest of which would have to be the introduction of SAP WebAS where ABAP finally broke away from being a report writing language and became the backbone to a suite of web application development platforms.
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Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and SAP

May 16, 2008

I read everywhere that you need an ESB to truly implement SOA.

Having read many articles about what an ESB is, I am still unsure whether it is a product or a pattern.

If it is a product does SAP have one ?

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