The New SAP UI

Intrigued by Goodness coming to Web Dynpro Abap near you. I was redirected to this presentation on blip

Web2.0 meets Business Process. Indeed!!

SAP Eventus – The Human Face of Business Scenarios was a Composition on Grails prototype, released to public late last year it demonstrated Enterprise 2.0 principles by highlighting a real life collaborative business process scenario.

The next iteration of Eventus utilizes much more of the SAP products we are familiar with and showcases the “signature design” of the new Business Client “Nova” debuted at SAPPHIRE this year. One thing is for sure with the new look prototype we have a contender for this years Demo Jam.

SAP never looked better – drop and drag widgets, drag and relate objects, google maps, enterprise and web searches, Flash/Flex/AIR, BSP, Webdynpro, SAP Gui and much more all seamlessly delivered in a single UI, I even saw Textpad in there somewhere, I can only imagine the services and events utilized behind the scenes.

Sign me up, where’s the project, I want to start imagining the possibilities.


One Response to The New SAP UI

  1. rsol1 says:

    Vodpod doesn’t allow me to fullscreen, so I took out then embedded video and put link behind the pic

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