Poetry runs as hard as SAP

In the book Moby Dick captain Ahab time and again foresakes all commercial endeavors and risks his ship and crew in attempts to capture the big white whale.

SAP’s nemesis isn’t Oracle its the SMB market, they have had numerous attempts at conquering the beast – A1, Business One, plus numerous pre configured and hosted solutions. SAP is not alone Microsoft and Oracle and others are desperately trying to fill their whitespaces.

While struggling his way threw the epic noel, Herman Melville the author wrote.

Blubber is blubber .. poetry runs as hard as SAP from a frozen maple tree – wikipedia Moby Dick

Business ByDesign is SAP’s latest offering. From what demos and presentations I have seen the solution looks very slick, easy to use, its fully integrated with lots of collaboration and desktop integration.

Under the bonnet the technology used is 100% Netweaver, the business logic is encapsulated in a mini ERP with the business objects written in ABAP. The logic is available through webservices which will put checks in all your SOA boxes. The front-end is Java Webdynpro deployed through a portal style framework.

Beta late than ever, it seems ByDesign is having some major performance issues at some pilot sites and will not be available for atleast another 18 months.

An SAP developer speaking to Handelsblatt claimed (in German) that ByDesign was suffering from performance issues and bugs that would delay general availability until perhaps the end of 2009. SAP Blog April 28 2008


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